Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kittens at 13 weeks

Things have settled down a lot with only two kittens left. Bluebell's new owner is now planning to get her in October, after she's been spayed. Eve has gained over a pound and is now chasing the kittens and playing instead of lying around in exhaustion, and she should be spayed in about a month. She was definitely in heat last week but it wasn't too bad - she's into rolling and elevator butt, not yowling, thank goodness. It's slow going with her getting along with the other cats, but there's progress.

Pic spam:



Bluebell and Eve


Kittens snoozing with Eve on guard

Teeny snuggling on my chest
Three of my older cats: Leo, Cookie, and Mini
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

And now there are two

On Tuesday I took Tarzan and Cheetah to North Shore Animal League. It was very, very hard to hand them over to strangers and to look in those innocent and trusting little faces and say goodbye forever. I'm still crying whenever I think about it.

The North Shore people said they should be adopted within a week or two, and they screen adopters pretty stringently, so the kittens have the best chance possible outside of going to someone I know and trust. Still, it's awful not knowing for sure. I'd like to know who takes them and ask for pictures and updates, but North Shore doesn't do that or even notify me when they're adopted.

Here's the last picture of Tarzan and Cheetah at home. Teeny is with them, with her back to us.

And now there are only two: Bluebell and Teeny:

On a brighter note, Monday I visited Blue Boy's new home. They've renamed him Starky, and here he is playing with their adult cat and snuggled next to his new pet parent: