Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kittens at 20 weeks

Lots of changes, some good, some bad.

Bad news about my older cats. Six weeks ago we lost little Mini to cancer that was so advanced by the time she showed signs that there was no real hope treatment would help, and I had her put peacefully to sleep before she could suffer. She was only 13 years. Both Leo (14) and Cookie (14) were sick recently, Cookie with pancreatitis, and are now recovered but in the process of tests for possible more serious underlying conditions. I'm hoping Gemini (12) stays healthy for a while.

The person in Florida who was going to take Bluebell found she couldn't afford the pet fee her building charges. That on top of the logistics involved in transporting her, plus how attached I've gotten to her, ended up with me keeping her. I had been increasingly dreading giving her up so this is good news.

Teeny and Bluebell were both spayed just over a week ago and are doing fine. Tickles and Tigris (originally Maggie) who were adopted by my friend C were spayed two weeks ago, and despite some infection complications are also doing well. Eve finally seems to have closed up reproductive shop (i.e. going in heat) for the winter and is a good weight now, so she's going to be spayed next week.

Eve is now getting along with the older cats very well - the occasional nasty look but that's it. Cookie is back in his favorite spots in the bedroom and Leo has gone back to sleeping next to my pillow at night. :) The last holdout is Gemini - Eve shows no hostility to her at all and they'll stand next to each other on the kitchen counter with no problems, but Gemini is still afraid to come out of the kitchen. It'll just take more time.

Eve with Bluebell and Teeny at 16 weeks

Bluebell and Teeny the night after spay surgery

Bluebell and Teeny a week after spay

My little Mini

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kittens at 13 weeks

Things have settled down a lot with only two kittens left. Bluebell's new owner is now planning to get her in October, after she's been spayed. Eve has gained over a pound and is now chasing the kittens and playing instead of lying around in exhaustion, and she should be spayed in about a month. She was definitely in heat last week but it wasn't too bad - she's into rolling and elevator butt, not yowling, thank goodness. It's slow going with her getting along with the other cats, but there's progress.

Pic spam:



Bluebell and Eve


Kittens snoozing with Eve on guard

Teeny snuggling on my chest
Three of my older cats: Leo, Cookie, and Mini
And video spam:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

And now there are two

On Tuesday I took Tarzan and Cheetah to North Shore Animal League. It was very, very hard to hand them over to strangers and to look in those innocent and trusting little faces and say goodbye forever. I'm still crying whenever I think about it.

The North Shore people said they should be adopted within a week or two, and they screen adopters pretty stringently, so the kittens have the best chance possible outside of going to someone I know and trust. Still, it's awful not knowing for sure. I'd like to know who takes them and ask for pictures and updates, but North Shore doesn't do that or even notify me when they're adopted.

Here's the last picture of Tarzan and Cheetah at home. Teeny is with them, with her back to us.

And now there are only two: Bluebell and Teeny:

On a brighter note, Monday I visited Blue Boy's new home. They've renamed him Starky, and here he is playing with their adult cat and snuggled next to his new pet parent:

Monday, July 29, 2013

News from North Shore

North Shore Animal League called last night and I have an appointment tomorrow morning, July 30, to take Tarzan and Cheetah in. If they pass the health and behavior exams they'll be accepted into the shelter, neutered, and put up for adoption. Kittens are almost always adopted quickly there, and they do a good job of screening adopters and trying to match animals to people and families.

So it's for the best since keeping eight cats in a one bedroom apartment wouldn't be great for me or for them. Still, I feel terrible handing them over to strangers knowing they'll be frightened and missing their home and family.

If anyone has been thinking about adopting them, now's the time to speak up!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kittens at ten weeks

Eve has been acting oddly - restless, hostile to my resident cats, crying, more affectionate to me. She's only doing it during the day when the kittens usually come out and mingle with the other cats. I'm not sure if she's in heat or missing the three kittens who are gone to new homes. I'm planning to get her spayed in the next few weeks, when the kittens are fully weaned, she's not in heat, and hopefully has gained a little weight.

Here's a pic of Cheetah (left) and Tarzan (right) looking almost like mirror images. :D

You can see Tarzan has more distinct striping on his sides.

Tarzan and Cheetah are looking for a good home in the New York City area. I'd love to see them adopted together.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kittens at nine weeks

The big news is that three of the kittens - Tickles, Maggie (renamed Tigris), and Blue Boy - have gone to their new homes. They're a little young still but staying in my apt they're not exposed to a variety of people and I thought they might adapt better if they go now. It was very sad to give them up but I'm keeping in touch with the adopters and will see Tickles and Tigris at least regularly.

So we're down to Tarzan and Cheetah (still looking for good homes) and Teeny and Bluebell (spoken for).

Pics of Tarzan and Cheetah playing this morning:

And a nice pic of Teeny and Bluebell snuggling:

Last, just Bluebell looking pretty:

Tarzan and Cheetah are looking for a good home in the New York City area. I'd love to see them adopted together.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kittens at eight weeks

Sunday night was the kittens' eight week birthday. It's kind of a milestone since they're now old enough for adoption, although most experts say it's better for the kitten physically and psychologically to stay with their mother and littermates until 10 to 12 weeks.

No word from North Shore in the whole two days since they became old enough to be eligible. Just as well since most of them aren't quite big enough to meet the 2 pound requirement.

Tarzan, Cheetah, either Blue Boy or Tickles, Maggie, and Teeny

They had their first vet visit yesterday morning, for shots and routine deworming. (There are no signs of worms - it's a precaution.) Poor things were so scared, but they were cooperative and came through fine. I cried a little when told the vet was only charging me for three kittens; it was more than generous.

And the other big news is that there's another adopter! For the pic spam this week I've listed the kittens who are still looking for homes (or will go to North Shore if they call) and the ones who are spoken for. Can't believe there are only two left, assuming all goes well with all the adoptions!

Still needing homes:

Tarzan and Cheetah. They're strong and active, and love to climb like little monkeys. They're a bit shy but very affectionate. A lot of the climbing has been to get over the gates and come visit with me! Both are boys.

No, I can't tell them apart either without looking at the spots on their bellies. I think they're identical twins. Ideally they'll be adopted together since they're attached to each other and kittens need a lot of play.

Spoken for:

Teeny. She's the runt of the litter and we bonded while I was making sure she got a chance to nurse, so I'm keeping her. She's a sweetie and a snuggler - a little behind the others developmentally but energetic and lively.

Tickles and Blue Boy. My good friend C who's helped me with all this and who's found all the other adopters is taking Tickles, and the adopter who came last night is taking Blue Boy. Another case of being barely able to tell them apart! I THINK Blue Boy is the one on top.

Maggie. Her name is short for Magellan, because she's the most fearless of the bunch and loves to explore. My friend C is taking her as well.

Bluebell. A sweet, lovely, playful little blue tabby. C's aunt, who lives in Florida, is taking her when she flies up to visit in August or September. She'll stay with me until then.

As always, if you're interested in adopting an adorable kitten (or two) in the New York City area, please comment here!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kittens at seven weeks

Pics of the kids at seven weeks. They're starting to look like real cats! Very cute cats. :) I've started integrating Eve and the kittens with my resident cats but am taking it slow because the kittens inevitably annoy the older cats.

As always, these kittens need homes in the New York City area. If you're interested, please comment on this blog.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Kittens at six weeks

Yesterday was their six-week birthday! Seems like they get bigger and stronger every day, or have I said that before? More climbing, this time up the Kitty Condo in the pix below! Thankfully still none have made it over the gate - yet - although  there's the second backup gate and I doubt my resident cats would harm them anyway beyond a swat if they don't behave.

Eve and her kittens are living in Queens, New York City. If you're interested in adopting one (or two!) adorable kittens, please post here!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

These guys are starting with the climbing, which is both good and bad. Good part is they're getting bigger and stronger. Bad is that a couple are starting to climb up the mesh on the gate I have separating them from my resident cats. Just hope they don't make it over! I have another mesh barrier in place just in case. Too hot to close the bedroom door and cut off cool air from the rest of the apartment. Also one of them climbed onto my bed last night, which makes me nervous about rolling over in my sleep and squashing them. :(

More pictures:

Eve - very skinny from pregnancy and nursing 7 kittens

Eve and her kittens are living in Queens, New York City. If you're interested in adopting one (or two!) adorable kittens, please post here!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Kittens at five weeks

I've taken a lot of pictures, but this one is the best, even if only six of the seven is in it. The missing kitten is a light grey tabby.

They're all over the place now - playing, running, wrestling with each other. Peeing and pooping is in the litter box now, and I've removed their tiny 'my first litter box', kept a small box for them and got a large box for mommy Eve. They prefer mom's box, of course. :)

Seems like they get bigger every day. Most are now eating kitten food. They grow up so fast! Poor Eve is worn out and bone thin from the demands of nursing, so I hope they finish weaning sooner rather than later. (The vet gave me high-calorie food for her, and she eats a lot of kitten food too.)

My friend has decided to take one of the gray and white tuxedos, and her aunt wants to take one of the darker tabbies but can't pick him/her up until December. Four kittens still need homes!

Eve and her kittens are living in Queens, New York City. If you're interested in adopting one (or two!) adorable kittens, please post here!

Kittens at play - 4 weeks old

At four weeks the kittens started to come out of the nest and explore, and became much more active. They decided at some point to move into the kitty condo I had put in the bedroom as a scratching post, I guess because it's more enclosed. A couple of them started lapping up KMR, and they started using the litter box - unfortunately they peed more next to the box than inside it, but they're learning. :)

My friend took these videos of the kittens playing:

I took Eve to the vet for tests, and she's negative for FeLV and FIV. Yay! I've decided to keep the little runt, who I've named Teeny.

Call me paranoid, but I called North Shore to confirm the kittens are on the waiting list and asked if they're moving up. Too soon to tell, the person said.

Eve and her kittens are living in Queens, New York City. If you're interested in adopting one (or two!) adorable kittens, please post here!

Kittens at 3 weeks

Eve is a cat rescued from a grocery store next to my building. She was pregnant when one of the store clerks took her home. Looking back, I wish I'd insisted on taking her then, when she could have been aborted and spayed early in the pregnancy, but the combination of my other personal commitments and the clerk's lack of follow-through on the several times we set up prevented that. The clerk couldn't keep Eve and the kittens - she knows nothing about cats, has three small children who were playing with the kittens like toys, and doesn't have the time or money. Finally a friend and I went over there and took Eve and the litter.

Here's a picture of Eve and the seven kittens at three weeks:

It's hard to see here, but one of them is a runt - the clerk told me later she was afraid the kitten was going to die because she was always hungry and crying. Fortunately she didn't, and I made sure she got the opportunity to nurse without being crowded out at least a few times a day.

I got them on the waiting list for North Shore Animal League right away - fingers crossed they get in, but there's no guarantee.

Eve and her kittens are living in Queens, New York City. If you're interested in adopting one (or two!) adorable kittens, please post here!