Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kittens at 20 weeks

Lots of changes, some good, some bad.

Bad news about my older cats. Six weeks ago we lost little Mini to cancer that was so advanced by the time she showed signs that there was no real hope treatment would help, and I had her put peacefully to sleep before she could suffer. She was only 13 years. Both Leo (14) and Cookie (14) were sick recently, Cookie with pancreatitis, and are now recovered but in the process of tests for possible more serious underlying conditions. I'm hoping Gemini (12) stays healthy for a while.

The person in Florida who was going to take Bluebell found she couldn't afford the pet fee her building charges. That on top of the logistics involved in transporting her, plus how attached I've gotten to her, ended up with me keeping her. I had been increasingly dreading giving her up so this is good news.

Teeny and Bluebell were both spayed just over a week ago and are doing fine. Tickles and Tigris (originally Maggie) who were adopted by my friend C were spayed two weeks ago, and despite some infection complications are also doing well. Eve finally seems to have closed up reproductive shop (i.e. going in heat) for the winter and is a good weight now, so she's going to be spayed next week.

Eve is now getting along with the older cats very well - the occasional nasty look but that's it. Cookie is back in his favorite spots in the bedroom and Leo has gone back to sleeping next to my pillow at night. :) The last holdout is Gemini - Eve shows no hostility to her at all and they'll stand next to each other on the kitchen counter with no problems, but Gemini is still afraid to come out of the kitchen. It'll just take more time.

Eve with Bluebell and Teeny at 16 weeks

Bluebell and Teeny the night after spay surgery

Bluebell and Teeny a week after spay

My little Mini

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