Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kittens at eight weeks

Sunday night was the kittens' eight week birthday. It's kind of a milestone since they're now old enough for adoption, although most experts say it's better for the kitten physically and psychologically to stay with their mother and littermates until 10 to 12 weeks.

No word from North Shore in the whole two days since they became old enough to be eligible. Just as well since most of them aren't quite big enough to meet the 2 pound requirement.

Tarzan, Cheetah, either Blue Boy or Tickles, Maggie, and Teeny

They had their first vet visit yesterday morning, for shots and routine deworming. (There are no signs of worms - it's a precaution.) Poor things were so scared, but they were cooperative and came through fine. I cried a little when told the vet was only charging me for three kittens; it was more than generous.

And the other big news is that there's another adopter! For the pic spam this week I've listed the kittens who are still looking for homes (or will go to North Shore if they call) and the ones who are spoken for. Can't believe there are only two left, assuming all goes well with all the adoptions!

Still needing homes:

Tarzan and Cheetah. They're strong and active, and love to climb like little monkeys. They're a bit shy but very affectionate. A lot of the climbing has been to get over the gates and come visit with me! Both are boys.

No, I can't tell them apart either without looking at the spots on their bellies. I think they're identical twins. Ideally they'll be adopted together since they're attached to each other and kittens need a lot of play.

Spoken for:

Teeny. She's the runt of the litter and we bonded while I was making sure she got a chance to nurse, so I'm keeping her. She's a sweetie and a snuggler - a little behind the others developmentally but energetic and lively.

Tickles and Blue Boy. My good friend C who's helped me with all this and who's found all the other adopters is taking Tickles, and the adopter who came last night is taking Blue Boy. Another case of being barely able to tell them apart! I THINK Blue Boy is the one on top.

Maggie. Her name is short for Magellan, because she's the most fearless of the bunch and loves to explore. My friend C is taking her as well.

Bluebell. A sweet, lovely, playful little blue tabby. C's aunt, who lives in Florida, is taking her when she flies up to visit in August or September. She'll stay with me until then.

As always, if you're interested in adopting an adorable kitten (or two) in the New York City area, please comment here!

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