Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kittens at ten weeks

Eve has been acting oddly - restless, hostile to my resident cats, crying, more affectionate to me. She's only doing it during the day when the kittens usually come out and mingle with the other cats. I'm not sure if she's in heat or missing the three kittens who are gone to new homes. I'm planning to get her spayed in the next few weeks, when the kittens are fully weaned, she's not in heat, and hopefully has gained a little weight.

Here's a pic of Cheetah (left) and Tarzan (right) looking almost like mirror images. :D

You can see Tarzan has more distinct striping on his sides.

Tarzan and Cheetah are looking for a good home in the New York City area. I'd love to see them adopted together.

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