Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kittens at nine weeks

The big news is that three of the kittens - Tickles, Maggie (renamed Tigris), and Blue Boy - have gone to their new homes. They're a little young still but staying in my apt they're not exposed to a variety of people and I thought they might adapt better if they go now. It was very sad to give them up but I'm keeping in touch with the adopters and will see Tickles and Tigris at least regularly.

So we're down to Tarzan and Cheetah (still looking for good homes) and Teeny and Bluebell (spoken for).

Pics of Tarzan and Cheetah playing this morning:

And a nice pic of Teeny and Bluebell snuggling:

Last, just Bluebell looking pretty:

Tarzan and Cheetah are looking for a good home in the New York City area. I'd love to see them adopted together.

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