Friday, June 28, 2013

Kittens at play - 4 weeks old

At four weeks the kittens started to come out of the nest and explore, and became much more active. They decided at some point to move into the kitty condo I had put in the bedroom as a scratching post, I guess because it's more enclosed. A couple of them started lapping up KMR, and they started using the litter box - unfortunately they peed more next to the box than inside it, but they're learning. :)

My friend took these videos of the kittens playing:

I took Eve to the vet for tests, and she's negative for FeLV and FIV. Yay! I've decided to keep the little runt, who I've named Teeny.

Call me paranoid, but I called North Shore to confirm the kittens are on the waiting list and asked if they're moving up. Too soon to tell, the person said.

Eve and her kittens are living in Queens, New York City. If you're interested in adopting one (or two!) adorable kittens, please post here!

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